Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Men are very much welcome & allowed. Men are not only allowed, but encouraged, to attend WiDSPune2020 events . In addition, several of our organizers and committee members are men. WiDS is WiDS because we feature outstanding women doing outstanding work. All genders can attend this events as delegates and audiences.
WiDS Ambassadors bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference to their cohort, colleagues, and community by hosting regional events that incorporate the live-stream or video sessions of the WiDS Stanford event, and/or feature other female speakers in the field of data science.
Yes. Some of the WiDSPune2020 sessions on 29th Feb will be videotaped, edited, and posted to YouTube on WiDSPune social media
Join us as Delegates, Audience, Speakers, Sponsors, Community Members, Organizers, Collaborators.
All our events are completely free of cost but by invitation only. Prior registration and confirmation is required.
Data science is a multi disciplinary and inter disciplinary skill. It is sector agnostic. It can be applied to any sector, any field and can be used to solve complex problems. Yes, its relevant to all.
Yes, once one understands what is Data Science, how it is to be applied, it can be applied in any sector, any field, any function. Anyone who has good business knowledge, market knowledge, domain knowledge, subject matter expertise can design use cases once one understands how and where to use Data Science.
Few of the participants who register dont turn up and also dont inform us about cancellations. We finally allow entries on first come first served basis. If you are keen to attend, you can secure your seat by coming before the event starts.
1. Please check your spam or junk folder and if you have received email, please mark it as NOT SPAM.
2. If you have entered same name, email or mobile number to register, multiple participants, you will receive it only for one. Duplicate entries will be removed and will not be counted as valid registrations.
3. Confirmation Messages have been sent to all registrations done through our website until 24th Feb 2020. If You have done registrations post 24th Feb 2020, you will get confirmation in the next batch i.e until 28th Feb 2020.
4. Registration done post 28th Feb, may not receive emails as our systems are locked for QR code generation. You can still join us without any hesitation without confirmation email.
Please email us at and we will make a note of it and give the seat to the deserved and needy.
We will be setting up QR code based self check-in kiosks, you can do self check-in and proceed.
We have assigned a unique QR code to each registered participant. We will soon be publishing an app which can be downloaded before you come for the event and it will have your unique QR code, through which you will get registered. coming soon...
No, its not mandatory to attend pre conference events , you can register for and attend the events of your choice. Don’t miss the Main Conference though!
Check-ins on the day start from 7.30 a.m and close at 8.45 am and inaugural ceremony starts at 8.45 am with all exciting announcements
WiDS Pune does not issue any certificate or letter for participating in the conference in any capacity such as speaker, guest, delegate, audience or participant of any contests. The important acknowledgements are captured on our website through event report, photos and video sections which can be used to show the participation if necessary. We do not issue any individual or personalized certificates or letters as per the policy. WiDS is purely a knowledge and experience sharing initiative with a goal of providing maximum value to the audience and with our principle of Joy of Giving and Joy of Doing
The conference will have 2 tracks - One is domain agnostic use cases which any sector or domain can easily adopt. This will be more application and implementation of use cases and 2nd track will be more domain specific use cases some of which may require some domain knowledge. It will be simplified so that even the beginners can understand them and audience with intermediate level can also have their takeaways. There will be few advance level sessions but we wont cover sessions which can only be understood by expert level of person in Data Science
Presentation submission deadline was extended till 22nd on request on many participants. We will only contact the applicants who have been selected in first round to seek additional information if suggested by the Jury. Only top 5 selected participants will be able to present on the day of the conference and 1 winning team will be awarded with awards as per the sponsorships won by us
No, its not mandatory to present the paper , we will publish the best papers on our website post the conferene
Unfortunately, we don’t have enough funds to take care of travel of paper presenters outside Pune. If, they are selected, they can make their own travel arrangements
Yes, you can co-submit and co-speaking is only allowed if you entered the co-submitters details in the initial form while submitting your paper
Yes, we do try our best to accommodate as much people as we can who are keen to learn. Limited walk-ins may be allowed. Please check at the registration desk, they may enroll your name through CMS system or just note down your name and allow you
The QR have been sent all who have registered before 6 p.m on 28th Feb. All registrations after 6 p.m, may not receive QR codes as our systems are locked for further logistics planning. However you can come and attend the conferene even withour QR codes
Yes, we have tried our best to work with COEP to install extra hotspots so audience can use the free wifi. Priority bandwidth will be given to COEP college academics functions and remaining bandwidth will be shared for wid pune conference again with priority for live streaming, control room , organizers and exhibition area and remaining bandwidth will be shared with the audience/participants. We have also worked with Vodafone-Idea where they have setup special basestations inside both the auditoriums and all Vodafone-Idea users may be able to get a good data coverage and capacity on their data subscriptions. Audience will be able to use wi-fi on best case basis. There is no good coverage of any operator inside both the auditoriums
Till 28th Feb, you can write to us at, On the day of the conference, you can ask your query to any volunteer and he/she will either respond or connect you to the senior volunteer leaders who can respond or help you
The two tracks are designed considering very very diverse audience in terms of roles, years of experience, relevant experience in data science and also in response to queries we receive from our members and survey we conduct. We believe still many organizations are late adopters of technology and also to leadership roles, decision makers who may not code themselves but will be able to apply data science to their functions and organizations
Well, there is no one or right answer to it. It totally depends on individual interests, background, current level in data science, domain and sector one belongs to and how that topic can help an individual in near future in solving their business problems. You may look at the subject/topic, speaker profile and take a call. All sessions will be video recorded and you can see the ones you missed.
All the conference collaterals, photos, videos, event reports, Q&As, Transcripts, ppts approved by the speakers will be posted within 5 to 6 weeks on our website in a stepwise manner with photos, vidoes , event report , then Q&As and transcripts in that order.
If your question is relevant to the talk and data science,it will be responded else speaker and organizers may choose not to respond to it. All Q&As will be posted on website by 15th April and due to corona contingency, it may further be delayed. Your question is generic, please check on FAQs and all pages of website to see if the answer is available
Only the speakers who have NOC from their organizations may approve to share their ppts. They may clean up some slides if they are confidential.
The Breast scan tests will be conducted in the Dean's office in the main building which is very near to the registration area. It’s a very safe and private area and only women will be allowed there. The Niramai booth will be in the exhibition area. The Breast scan test will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes per person and prior registration required
Track1 is in COEP college Main Audi at the South Campus, next to Main Building and above Library. Registration will happen at the Track1 and Inauguration and Keynote will also happen in Track 1 Main Audi. Track 2 is at the Mini Audi in academic building in North Campus. One needs to use the underpass / tunnel to move from South and North Campus and vice versa. Exhibition Area will be near the Main Audi.
No, due to logistics reasons we wont be able to provide the breakfast to Audience/delegates and participants. Please have your morning breakfast before you reach the venue as there is no provision at the venue by WIDS Pune. You can have breakfast at COEP canteen though. Mid morning Tea will be provided around 11.00 a.m