Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Men are very much welcome & allowed. Men are not only allowed, but encouraged, to attend WiDSPune events . In addition, several of our organizers and committee members are men. WiDS is WiDS because we feature outstanding women doing outstanding work. All genders can attend this events as delegates and audiences.
The WiDS Pune annual conference happens around International Woman’s Day. The next WiDS Pune annual conference is planned around last week of February 2022 or first week of March 2022
WiDS Team at Stanford has designed WiDS Education Resources that are suitable for Secondary School educators & students in maths, physical sciences, social sciences, computers and more. They can also be used in clubs and for other student programs. Its objective is to develop early age interest in Maths and Stats which are foundation of DS. There are several studies done which indicates that a girl child develops interest around the age of 11 but loses interest by the time she reaches the age of 15 due to lack of support, encouragement and mentors. This program is to build interest and support from age of 11, so students can take proper decisions about their graduation courses and specializations. If you are interested in contributing to WiDS Education Outreach Program, apply through our website.
We will share ppts on website only for Speakers who will allow us to share the ppts and have NOC from their organizations may approve to share their ppts. They may clean up some slides if they are confidential.
WiDS Ambassadors bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference to their cohort, colleagues, and community by hosting regional events that incorporate the live-stream or video sessions of the WiDS Stanford event, and/or feature other female speakers in the field of data science.
We are in the process of making a cheat sheet for different online courses – Please refer here:

In addition, at WiDS Pune study group we have developed exhaustive content on Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis.

Yes, the video links are updated on sessions page and video gallery
WiDS Pune conference will be hosted on Airmeet Platform.
Join us as Delegates, Audience, Speakers, Sponsors, Community Members, Organizers, Collaborators and participate in the Datathon announced by Stanford and win exciting prizes
    Pre conference events are free of cost but the main conference in 2022 is a paid event. We are charging a very minimal amount just to defray the conference and platform expenses. This event has a very nominal fee. Following are the things we will provide as a part of conference fees
  1. Participation Certificate from WiDS Pune
  2. Skill Assessment Tests with our partners
  3. Careers Panel
  4. Data Science Mentors Lounge & Networking
  5. Internships and Job Opportunities with our Partners
  6. Access to the worlds best speakers and experts in data science from Stanford and selected by Stanford
Data science is a multi-disciplinary and inter disciplinary skill. It is sector agnostic. It can be applied to any sector, any field and can be used to solve complex problems. Yes, its relevant to all.
Yes, once one understands what is Data Science, how it is to be applied, it can be applied in any sector, any field, any function. Anyone who has good business knowledge, market knowledge, domain knowledge, subject matter expertise can design use cases once one understands how and where to use Data Science.
Due to limited conference platform capacity, we won’t be able to admit people once our capacity is reached.
You will receive one email from Townscript where you will make the payment and another from Airmeet who is our Virtual Conference Platform Vendor for WiDS 2021 with login id & link to enter the conference. Please check your spam or junk folder and if you have received email there, please mark it as “NOT SPAM”.
We have no refunds and no cancellation policy. You can transfer the ticket only time to your friends or colleagues who may be interested
No, its not mandatory to attend pre conference events , you can register for and attend the events of your choice. Don’t miss the Main Conference though! Pre conference events are on interesting topics and prepare the audience for the main conference.
There were no certificates issued for WiDS Pune 2019 and 2020 conference. Certificates were issued for the first time for WiDS Pune 2021 as it was on weekday, to give attendance credit to people who participated during the weekday. Only the participants who had filled the feedback forms till 3rd April, were issued certificates based on their overall attendance, contribution and engagement. Certificate issuance is now closed for WiDS Pune 2021 conference.
Yes, conference will have best speakers and experts, influencers, noble prize winner from all over the world selected by Stanford and from Stanford and will cover expert and advance level of topics. Refer conference schedule to choose the topics and tracks of your interests.
You can write to us at but most of the frequent queries are updated in our FAQ section. You can follow us on social media and ask the questions there on our posts On the day of the conference, you can ask your query to any volunteer on the virtual helpdesk. If have query related to Airmeet conference platform, We do have a 24/7 Support lounge available for all users. You can join there to clarify all your queries. Link:
The two tracks are designed considering very diverse audience in terms of roles, years of experience, relevant experience in data science and domain interests and also in response to queries we receive from our members and survey we conduct. Our sessions cover topics from basic, intermediate, advanced and expert level of talk. Based on the title and talk abstract and speaker profile, you can decide and choose the tracks and topics of your interests.
Well, there is no one or right answer to it. It totally depends on individual interests, background, current level of expertise in data science, domain and sector one belongs to and how that topic can help an individual in near future in solving their business problems. You may look at the subject/topic, speaker profile and take a call. All sessions will be video recorded/available and you can see the ones you missed later.
If your question is relevant to the talk and data science, it will be responded else speaker and organizers may choose not to respond to it. All Q&As will be posted on website by 15th April . If your question is generic, please check on FAQs and all pages of website to see if the answer is available
Track 1 is the 24 hours live streaming of talk in real time by the speakers from all over the world from Stanford and selected by Stanford. Track 2 is a LIVE WiDS Pune regional event.
Pre conference events are in depth technical talks/webinars on specific topic, before the main conference. The objective of the pre-conference events is to build momentum for the main conference and prepare our audience for some of the topics of the main conference.
Yes, you need to register for each pre conference events via our meetup page or the register button against each pre conference event link which will take you to the right meetup link.
Yes, you need to register for each pre conference event and main event separately, so you can receive all the communication and updates for each event. Main conference has some nominal conference fees.
We have best data science experts and thought leaders from all over the world from Stanford and selected by Stanford including noble prize winners. You can find more information about the speakers at below links speakers
Each talk title is available at -> SCHEDULE 2021 -> has a link which will take you to the speaker’s profile in detail.
Also, - has a link which will take you to the speaker’s profile in detail. has speaker photos with names which will take you to their linkedin profile
The worldwide conference has been designed by WiDS Team at Stanford in response to a global pandemic to make it virtual and to cater to all time zones. Stanford has designed special 24 hours talks to align with time zones for 3 main continents APAC, EMEA and Americas.
Regional event will be hosted as per local time of the specific region or city to cater to the availability of regional audience. Regional events will have regional speakers. Worldwide events will have speakers from all over the world selected by Stanford committee and nominated by regional committees.
Best of WiDS are pre-recorded sessions from all past WiDS events worldwide. You should not miss these, as they are very important and relevant sessions and were very successful and got very good feedback from our audience across the world.
There is time reserved for networking which you can use as breaks as well.
Career Fair will have booths setup by participating corporates who have job and internship opportunities openings in their company. They will have their booths in Arena area and you can visit them to get more information about them or talk to their staff directly
Career panel will be a panel discussion by hiring managers who will share about their expectations from different roles, hiring policies, what do they expect from candidates while interviewing, how should candidate prepare for interviews and what all openings are available.
We are partnering with organizations who have designed skill assessment tests to help you get a feedback on your level of expertise in different skills required to work on data science domain. We will be announcing more details about this. Please ensure you take those assessments and make a plan to go to next level of skillsets All the registered participants for the main conference will have access to skill assessment tests.
Exhibition areas and booths will have stalls from partnering corporates from WiDS Pune, who will have their product demos, surveys, and more information on opportunities available in their companies. You can visit each booth of your interest and interact with the staff and employees from that company.
As this is a live stream which is directly streamed from Stanford University, so we will not be able to take any Q&As here and also the SPEAKERS from Track 1 will not be on the Airmeet Platform and hence we cannot pass on your Qs to them.
There are 2 companies who are providing skill assessment tests :- SHL(Aspiring Mind) & Hitbullseye They are our knowledge partners For SHL tests, you need to visit their booth and register and get a login id and password. For Hitbullseye, they are sharing a google link, you need to register your email and you will get the login id and password.
=> Speakers will do the sessions and talk
=> Mentors are not speakers of the session, they will be available only on Mentor table
Mentors are data science experts who have volunteered to be available during the conference to answer specific technical queries on data science. All people who have volunteered to be mentors are listed on our website at They also have been allocated specific tables in the Lounge area and the timing of their availability has been shared on the website -
There are many ways to participate in data science. You just need to start it by using your domain knowledge to relevant data science your domain knowledge to relevant data science projects. And do join the Pune WIDs community for an active discussion on various aspects of data science.
For that you can connect with regional data science community like for pune you can join
After the conference, all of those who have registered for the conference, will be receiving an email with the event report and a link to a google form to help you join the WIDS Pune Telegram group if you are interested. After March 20th, look out for the email from WIDS Pune on the email ID you used to register.
For the detailed schedule please refer the following link -
Can we get the recordings available after the session? Yes, the recordings are available on the Schedule Page in the ‘ Title of the talk ’ column. Refer the link below --
Please visit the booths of HitBullsEye and SHL in the arena area for the registration of self assessment test.
Subtitles can be enabled only for live sessions and not for pre recorded videos.
Refer Learning Resources Link on It’s very very important to stay updated with the latest happenings in our business, domain, industry. Following can be the different ways

1) Github and Kaggle are top 2 resources.

2) Networking within the organization and outside the organization through attending conference, meetups, having memberships of relevant associations, forums, bodies who are active in your domain.

3) Subscribing to social media groups, channels and regularly following them up.

4) Extensive reading through various mediums such as books, social media, news channels, forums, associations.

5) Participating via blogging, writing, speaking, competitions, hackathons.

6) W.r.t Data Science specifically, there are promotions at all levels – Companies like IBM, FB, MS, Google, Intel, Amazon etc have their own developer relation programs through which they give regular updates about their products, features, platforms, conduct workshops, even provide incentives and awards.

7) There are around 72 co-working spaces, Accelerators and Incubators in Pune who regularly organize events.

8) Following the experts, influencers in the field is also very important.

9) Harvard, Stanford release numerous free newsletters, podcasts, there are numerous you tube channels.

10) Taking up regular certifications.

11) Participating in various platforms like hackerranks, Makeover Mondays and other forums who throw various challenges.

12) Being aware of all aspects of the solution, product design such as law, privacy, policies, safety, Dev-Ops, ML-Ops, Productions, software engineering, solution design in addition to core technology.

13) Being able to add creativity, innovative excellent UX and CX to solution is also important.

Well, when it comes to AI/ML/DS learning, there is no 1 way and there is no right way. One size does not fit all and one may consider following aspects to create a learning or ramp up plan. Your year of experience, your strength, out of the 4 multi- disciplinary skill - programming, maths, stats, domain knowledge, what is your strength? Pick up the strongest area and build upon it. Some aspects to consider are,

1) Do you want to make a drastic and dramatic shift in your career? This requires a serious investment of time & money too, mostly a very formal certification would help or support from organization to directly start working in data science projects and learning on the job can also be an alternative. This is what we called re-skill! Dropping, what we are currently doing and taking up completely new skills and working on them for 8 to 10 hrs with a specific focus, relentlessly for 8 to 10 months is required.

2) If you want to taste the waters, and understand what you like or what you don’t like, whether you can do this, you may first start involving & attending meetups/online courses etc. Start understanding different aspects different sub domains like NLP, Image recognition, Object Recognition, conversational AI, so on. Each is a specialization in itself and needs in-depth ramp up. You may choose based on what you like, or find easy to pick up to gain confidence, or want to focus only on 1 sub skill like stats, maths, EDA, DV etc.

3) Since AI/ML/DS is a multi-disciplinary skill, some basics of Maths and Stats are a must and without understanding these we cannot jump into modelling. Lot of courses are available. Most important is to learn to apply.

4) If one is a good programmer, its very very beneficial as ramping up on Python can be very very beneficial. Some people feel more confident coding and generating output using Python libraries. Almost all code is available. 100s of cheat sheets, guidelines, checklists etc easily floating on internet.

5) Having tremendous patience for data, deep desire for research, constant study, read is a must. Being very comfortable to play with data, slice and dice the data in different ways, to derive meaning from data, make friends with data, treat the data is very important before deriving insights. Most important, it’s an iterative process. 70% of time goes in data engineering. Having good business knowledge, market knowledge, domain knowledge, subject matter expertise regarding the project is must. Only coding or calling libraries or apis will not yield outcome if we have no understanding of the data, patterns, relations, co-relations and so on. Start moving from IDEs to Jupiter notebooks.

6) Then many tools are available with AWS, Azure, Google, Intel and IBM Watson if you don’t want to code 1st and understand the ML pipeline. It totally depends individual comfort level and where to start and how to start.

7) There are many online trainings and some give free basic courses like - Coursera, Udemy, Analytics Vidhya, Medium, DataQuest and so on – Refer Learning resource on

8) There are many platforms to practice such as hackerranks as it has test cases also, makeovermonday, programmiz etc.

9) There are always hackathon running almost on daily basis somewhere in all parts of the world, where we can participate and learn to solve a problem given the data sets.

10) In order to be a data scientist, we need to have a strong GitHub and Kaggle presence and profile. We need understand the difference between a Data Scientists and Data Engineer. Its same like computer science and computer engineering. To begin with, we may just start with data analytics or business analytics kind of role. Most Important is start somewhere and lot of self-study and self-motivation, determination and discipline is required and it’s an iterative process and no one can teach you everything and things are evolving as it’s a new domain.