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A by-law is a rule or law established by an organization or community to regulate itself, as allowed or provided for by some higher authority. The higher authority, establishes the degree of control that the by-laws may exercise. By-laws may be established by entities such as a business corporation, a neighbourhood association, or a community.

WiDS Pune Annual conference is a not-for-profit initiative to support women in the field, educate people in AI-ML-DS irrespective of the gender and recognize outstanding women doing outstanding work and foster female role models

It works on Volunteerism! Every volunteer, organizer and core committee member should read “spirit of volunteerism” on our website and be clear on why and what for they are volunteering and what they expect in return if at all they expect something.

It’s important to understand the Different roles – designations and titles – we use at WiDS Pune, its meaning and purpose and choose wisely what role you want to play. Only after understanding and setting mutual expectations, should you sign up and take a dedicated responsibility.

All the below roles are pro bono and honorary roles. They don’t get paid nor can they money through the conference or help anyone else make money using this platform.

Speakers – Sponsors & Partners – Volunteers – Audience are the 4 pillars of WiDS Pune community Annual conference. Conference cannot be successful without their commitment and efforts.


The primary WiDS regional event volunteer organizer and licensee, who has accepted the terms of the WiDS branding license and is accepted by Stanford as the host for the WiDS regional event(s) described in the application. In the primary and single contact with Stanford WiDS.

Ambassador can be of any gender. Is solely accountable for the entire event planning and execution, finance matters, funding required to run the show, organizing, any legal issues, disputes handling and resolutions. Ambassador is accountable for everything during the execution of the entire event.

Core Committee Member

Senior volunteers who can take a big and dedicated responsibility of projects within the sub projects within WiDS Pune and deliver successfully. They are part of reviews, decision making. They can give dedicated time and progress at least on a weekly basis, participate in meetings and attend f2f meetings regularly. Can manage to remain in synch continuously with the overall project updates, communicate well and coordinate closely with Ambassador and other volunteers and get things done without much delays. Should remain available almost on alternate days in the last 15 days and full 2 weekends prior to the conference, full time for the last 2/3 days before the conference. Their contribution is huge but they may not be able to give that much time and bandwidth like Ambassador. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.

Knowledge Partner

who are contributing to technical knowledge in form of training, quiz, tests, talks, material, content. Typically, organizations support us on technical aspects as we don’t have enough dedicated resources and bandwidth to do the job. This typically adds value to the community and conference attendees. This is a very respected title and shows technical contribution. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.


Mentors are typically Data Scientists and Industry experts in the field of AI-ML-DS and related technologies who have hands-on experience/practical experience working on various projects. They like teaching, sharing their knowledge, experiences, learnings to others. They support with specific technical queries, decision making, give their views and opinions on technical options, alternatives. They even sometime give career guidance. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role. WiDS Pune launched Mentorship program in March 2021 as a 1 day Mentoring during the conference. The Mentor’s list is available at Community members do contact them offline and discuss with them problems based on their areas of expertise mentioned on the Mentors page - We also plan to have a mentors track for WiDS Pune 2022 as we received a very good feedback from both Mentors and Mentees for WiDS Pune 2021.


These are very senior members who help us win partnerships, sponsorships, connect to government bodies or any authorities and subject matter experts. They try to help us in various ways. We have a legal advisor on how to deal with legal issues. We can have advisors on various subjects and areas where we need them. Many times, they are not officially listed.


Organizers are all volunteers who take a small dedicated responsibility and fulfil from planning to closing stage. It can be any dedicated and important responsible. They can commit for specific bandwidth and get the job done and meet deliverables and ensure that conference plans and targets are met. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.


Volunteers are typically participate and contribute for very short-term tasks and activities generally jump in last 1 week or 1 or 2 days before the event, get trained on a specific dedicated task and take full responsibility on the day of the event. They may not have time in planning phase, but enjoy and participate on the day of the event. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.

Volunteers’ names don’t appear on website page, event report and social media. Its only group acknowledgement


With an intent to help our community members gain hands on experience working on different aspects of AI-ML-DS we undertake lot of technical projects, design-develop and execute them and then use those modules, software during our conference also. Students, people on job break, working professionals’ re-skilling and up skilling themselves work on these projects. They get experience letters at the end of Internship period. They work on technical projects related to WiDS Pune conference or may not be related to the conference. WiDS Pune Internships run throughout the year. Sometimes Interns may also be organizers or volunteers but they primarily work on design and development and technical implementations.


Speakers are the most important part of this conference. This conference is organized to recognize the female speakers and foster female role models. They are main attraction of the event. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.


Collaborators are organizations, bodies, corporates, colleges, institutes, not for profits, NGOs who work closely with WiDS Pune and take a dedicated responsibility and are like co-organizers. We have variety of collaborators in the past who have done lot of work right from supplying their employees and staff for short period, to executing some part of pre-conference events and supporting us in various ways.


Sponsors are the entities who fund us to defray the expenses of the conference. They pay us to run the conference and WiDS Pune commit for some deliverables in return. There can be in direct sponsors who don’t pay in cash but supply us with necessities to run the conference which would otherwise incur cost. WiDS Pune started issuing participation certificate since 2021 for this role.

Eco System Partner

Eco System Partner are generally organizations are the part of AI-ML-DS eco system like education institutions, training institutes, corporates who are hiring as well corporates who are helping us building the skills in the city and organizations or start-ups who develop AI-ML-DS solutions.

Community Partner

Other communities, associations, bodies, organizations who participate in our events, spread word, serve as outreach partners and promote our initiative and cause within their communities and members.

Staff / Employee

Based on funding estimates, WIDS Pune tries to hire 1 or 2 staff on paid basis so they can-do full-time work, have deadlines and complete conference activities on time. WiDS Pune staff are typically contract employees who are flexible to start work early without a regular salary and get lumpsum payment at the end of the conference when sponsorships are received and funds are raised successfully. They are flexible in terms of payments but have time and availability commitment. They get experience letters at the end of their contract terms.


Paid staff or contractors who provide their products or services during the conference execution.

Conflict Handling

Conflicts are generally resolved in the favour of the cause and the community. Actions and decisions should be taken in such a way so as to benefit the community members in learning, growing, getting better exposure and experience.


WiDS Pune community ensures, everyone gets opportunities to do things, play variety of roles and ensures good rotation of roles and responsibilities, so everyone gets to play different roles and gets variety of experiences.

Some Important Definitions and Terms and its meanings

What is Pro Bono?
What is Volunteerism?

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