Code of Conduct WiDS Pune

Code of Conduct

The WiDS Pune believes our community should be truly open for everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all attendees, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, organizers, venue staff, media, exhibitors, vendors and other guests (collectively, “Participants”) of the WiDS Pune 2020 conference free from discrimination for any reason including on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age and religion. This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for Participant behaviour as well as the consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

We invite all Participants to help us realize a safe and positive conference experience for everyone.

Few Logistics details for smooth experience

There is limited parking inside COEP Campus. Please come early with 15 minutes time for parking. If possible do car pool or use Uber to avoid parking hassles, Uber will be our Travel Partner & please follow us for more details on all announcements on happenings during the day.

The conference is at COEP college Main Auditorium which is recently renovated. 29th Feb 2020, Saturday, is an academic day and we should take care that we don’t enter academic buildings and areas where the lectures, classes, labs are going on and that there is no disturbance to the daily functioning of the college work. WiDS Only areas will be clearly marked. Follow the directions maps and sign boards and our volunteers and organizers will be there to help you and assist you at all places.

WiDS Conference will happen in Main and Mini auditorium and there will be an exhibition area where exciting AI, ML and DS demos will be setup. Please ensure that we avoid any litter in the campus and use the dustbins laid at different places for us.

WiDS Pune participants are not allowed to enter any restricted or unauthorized areas which will be clearly marked. Food and water bottles are not allowed inside the auditorium.

Use of Loud speakers is not allowed in the exhibition area or anywhere inside the campus.

Please ensure that we keep our cell phones completely in silent mode at all the times so it does not disturb the neighbouring audience when the session is on. In case you want to receive urgent calls, please go out and receive the calls. Please don’t receive the calls on your seats as its disturbs the participants who have come to learn.

Please ensure that you don’t chat loudly with your neighbours when the sessions are on.

Dress code: Decent, professional dressing with business or casuals and as per the comfort of an individual is recommended.

Expected Behaviour

All Participants are expected to: be considerate, respectful, and collaborative; refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behaviour or speech; be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow Participants – your fellow Participants may have a different level of comfort with respect to language and personal space; and alert WIDS PUNE staff if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviours include: intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning conduct; offensive verbal comments including as related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age, or religion; inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces (including presentation slides); deliberate intimidation, stalking or following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention. Some WIDS PUNE venues are shared with members of the public; please be respectful to all patrons of these locations.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour by Participants will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply immediately. If a Participant engages in unacceptable behaviour, the WIDS PUNE staff may take any action they deem appropriate, at their sole discretion, up to and including expulsion from WIDS PUNE without warning or refund.

What to Do If You Witness or Are Subject to Unacceptable Behaviour

If you are subject to unacceptable behaviour, notice that someone else is being subject to unacceptable behaviour, or have concerns that this Code of Conduct is not being followed, notify a WIDS PUNE staff person as soon as possible. All reports will remain completely confidential. WIDS PUNE staff will determine and carry out the appropriate course of action, and will be available to help Participants experiencing unacceptable behaviour feel safe for the duration of the conference. As requested, a follow-up report will be made to individuals who report being harassed.


We expect all Participants to abide by this Code of Conduct at all WIDS PUNE venues and WIDS PUNE-related social events. Participants seek to learn, network, and have fun. Please do so responsibly and with respect for the right of others to do likewise. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a friendly, safe, and welcoming conference environment.