Frequently Asked Questions

Are men allowed to participate in WiDSPune2020?

YES. Men are not only allowed, but encouraged, to attend WiDSPune2020 event. In addition, several of our organisers and committee members are men. WiDS is WiDS because we feature outstanding women doing outstanding work. All genders can attend this events as delegates and audiences.

What is a WiDS Ambassador?

WiDS Ambassadors bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference to their cohort, colleagues, and community by hosting regional events that incorporate the live-stream or video sessions of the WiDS Stanford event, and/or feature other female speakers in the field of data science.

How can I participate?

Join us as Delegates, Speakers, Sponsors, Community Members, Organisers.

I am new to Data Science, is this relevant to me?

Data science is a multi disciplinary and inter disciplinary skill. It is sector agnostic. It can be applied to any sector, any field and can be used to solve complex problems. Yes, its relevant to all.

I am not from IT, Technical background, is this relevant to me?

Yes, once one understands what is Data Science, how it is to be applied, it can be applied in any sector, any field, any function. Anyone who has good business knowledge, market knowledge, domain knowledge, subject matter expertise can design use cases once one understands how and where to use Data Science.