How is WiDS different

  1. At WiDS regional events we cannot make money or profit through the event and are not paid for this work. Ambassadors or Sponsors cannot not use the events to make money for the ambassador or the sponsors.

  2. The Ambassadors and Conference Committee members are working for this conference purely on pro bono basis purely out of the passion for the cause.

  3. We are obtaining Sponsorships solely for the purposes of defraying event costs. We look at our sponsors as Innovation Leaders, Visionaries, Challengers and Influencers, who believe in the cause

  4. We believe in very engaging and advanced methods of learning, which are participative, fun based and gamified

  5. All conference work such as website development, automation, creative design, posters, event reports, social media promotions, blogging, film making, videos, is done by the WiMLDS Pune community