Thank you sucheta for all the efforts you have put in to make WiDS Pune meaningful. Very well organized event! A great learning experience with you all. Thanks

Anjali Rao

#Widspune #wids2019 Exciting sessions held under the Women in Data science Pune 2019 today wherein the talks ranged from having predictive models in predicting Cricket match outcomes, AI in Medical Sciences, Taste Buds, Uber, Microsoft AI, Advertising etc Crucial message is ”Data has no gender” Tshirts worn by all volunteers and most excited to see the LiVE scribing done

Aarti Rawat

At Wids Pune on 23 March. Keynote and Panel discussions were very insightful with eyeopeners on howAI and DS is impacting the industry . Thanks, Sucheta Dhere for hosting such a great event and having us as your partner. Helped us to showcase our Face recognition on edge technology for event registration. Our lovely team in the pic that had all the fun together :)

Nikhil Bhaskaran

Great Work! Sucheta

Swati Dhotarkar

@Sucheta Thank for this wonderful event, it was indeed great, we have lot of fun as well gain knowledge, Looking forward with more such event.  

Reenal B

Thanks to Sucheta mam, Mariam mam and all other speakers and guests and WiDS team....for the wonderful day .....  

Sneha Gaikwad

It was a lovely experience. Thanks for inviting me to the talk, let's be in touch. Thank you so much for the hospitality

Shalini Chaturvedi

Thanks Sucheta ma’am we all enjoyed a lot!  

Ratan Rajput

Energy, positivity was very high!  

Manisha Khadge

This was my first association with WiDS and it was great! Thanks to everyone of you and hope to see such events in future!


Thank you all, for such a great event. Special thanks to all speakers, Persistent system , all sponsors and full team of WiDS for their contribution

Poonam Shelke

Thank you Sucheta ma’am for everything!! Blessed to be a part of such an amazing community Glad to have met so many amazing people through this team!  

Nidhi Thakkar

Sucheta, Admire you for the kind of show you put together. An impressive line up of quality speakers and media. Thanks for everything

Nikhil Bhaskaran

Amazing event. Thank you Sucheta for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this event. Lots of knowledge is been shared. Kudos to the entire team .

Praveena Balkrishnan

Doing something new and different requires a level of drive and passion that is really hard to fake. When your heart is behind what you are doing, so much is possible.Volunteered and Attended the WiDS—conference which aimed at inspiring and educating Data Scientists world Wide and supporting #WOMEN across this field. The Conference very well highlighted the need and focus of Machine learning, Data Analytics andAI with their use cases in Democratizing AI,Fashion,Media Analytics, Predicting Scores for Cricket Matches,TeXt Analytics,Recommendations 'on systems ,Medicines and how we can carve our paths for contributing in this tech driven era. #enlightened to meet amazing data scientistsll Sucheta Dhere Great that our paths crossed!!  P.S: Best part was meeting @RASANA AMIT— BITSian— 2006 Batch , as a keynote panelist. #PROUDMOMENT A big round of Applause Wids Pune 2019 for the mega event. Sucheta Dhere and Team : Thanks For making me understand that IT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE THAT REALLY MATTERS.

Pooja Soni

The event was very really well organized and well-executed  

Archana Deshmukh

@WiDSPune2019 in the world of DATA surrounded with SCIENTISTceIebrating #happywomensday2019  

Er Pratik Shendage

Sucheta, Conference khup Chhan jhali. Incredible planning, organizing and even superior execution by you!  

Anu Bankar

  Heyyyyyyy! It was nice working with you all. Thanks Sucheta ma’am and whole team to make this so amazing! Looking forward to see you again. Sucheta ma’am, let’s go for one more

Ghazala Mirani

  It was great event, with amazing content. Really well organised.  

Pranoti Nandurkar

  The passion, spirit was clearly seen and visible! You guys have done an awesome job and Kudos to you!  


  Great day to remember! thanks sucheta Ma’am for giving the opportunity to work with you and making new bestfriends  

Vedant Kene

  This was not a campaign, it was a movement!  


  Kudos guys!! We did it!! I can ’t thank you enough @Sucheta for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the team! Learned a lot in this span of 3—4 months! Thank you again!  

Prerana Polekar

  Congrats to Sucheta and team! Greatjob done!

Dr Manisha

  Heartiest congratulations sucheta! Excellent event. WiDS Team , you rock!

Pratima Joshi

  You are very approachable, Sucheta Mam. You make everyone very comfortable!  

Leena Bora

  Yes truly! Great event !! Enjoyed!  


  Congratulations to the entire team. you guys had put up a great show!

Nivetha B

 Congrats guys...hope to see you guys again somewhere...keep rocking!  

Jack Johny

  @Sucheta and the entire WIDS PUNE team a hearty congratulations for raising the bar higher for all data science initiatives in PUNE Region.  

Laxman Murugappana

  Today’s session made me feel like rainbow of knowledge getting added to everyone’s life — Enriching different domains and function with different colors of AI capabilities A perfect HOLI gift for the Women in Data Science! I deeply thank you all WiDS team for making this opportunity to learn more about meaning n meeting all the great people who shared their experience which is really valuable. I got a lot from it... great contacts, discussions and a deeper appreciation of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Thank you WiDS for including me.  

Swetaleena P Chopdar

  Mood barometer, the start of the day pattern indicates high excitement as we move through the day people where inspired. People were most inspired just before lunch that’s where fashion /advt/ and cricket session happened  

Mood Barometer analysis

Anuprita, Thanks for forwarding the reference link for registration. Great sessions.

Dr. Ashwini Renavikar

Terrific event, It made my day there, kudos to great leadership under @Sucheta , well planned and executed. thank you.  

Ram n Krishna

The event was great!

Shardul Ganguly

Hello Sucheta ma’am, we met at WiDS Pune 2019, particularly while leaving. I am planning for my MS in Data Science and currently preparing for the same. I need your valuable guidance in this field and so, sending this invitation. Please accept  


Sucheta, Thanks for your hard work and dedication this 23rd was the best event I have ever attended Salute to your efforts  

Ameya Oak

Hello Sucheta Ma’am, WIDS was of great success. We got to know many insights of various booming technologies. Thank you for organising this event.                  

Soumya Patil

Brilliant I It was very useful to get insight of what is happening in Data Science field. I am sure you have a great network & you are aware ofsuch good events. Pl let me know ifany in future. I am also keen to speak to you as per your convenience. Need some guidance. Pl send me your contact no Regards  

Madhuri Savarkar

Sucheta Ma’am, I know all about you. I really want to meet you personally and want my career path under your guidance only.

Mrinmayee Mashankar

I had joined the WiDS Pune conference. A great conference. Congratulations and thank you for organizing DS conference in Pune. Looking forward to many more. Thanks,

Preeti Dalal (Harpude)

Hi Sucheta, Thanks for connecting. You’re doing amazing work. Looking forward to staying in touch. Regards,

Bhakti Chauhan

Hi Sucheta. Thanks for organising WiDS conference at Pune. It was truly enriching experience. Learnt a lot from discussions, interactions & networking. I would like to be a part of WiDS core committee and contribute in every way possible. Could you guide me on how can I be part of WiDS committee?

Maithili Kulkarni

Loved being a part of it all! Very well organised and can ’t wait for more events!

Aaiyah Ahmed

Yesterday I got an opportunity to be a part of WiDS conference. Of all the conferences that I ’ve attended, this one was special. It is an initiative of Stanford and was organised by Sucheta Dhere, a woman who truly believes that if we come together we can create something great and ’Data has no gender’. This entire event was paperless and had implemented many innovative things such as facial recognition for registration, live scribbling, Lego for understanding data science concepts and mood tracking, etc. All the speakers were extraordinary women who have aced their respective fields. Dr. Manasi was among my favourites who elaborated the application of AI in fashion. With brilliant panel discussion, the audience was given an insight on the use of AI in various sectors. Even the pre-conference events were based on unique topics. And thanks to the partners and volunteers, the whole event was very well—organised. I got a chance to meet amazing people and the whole experience introduced me to different ideas. I have great respect and admiration for the entire WiDS team. I felt inspired by Sucheta ma’am’s words which I think everyone will agree with— ”Sky is not the limit, imagination is. ”

Leena Bhandari