Sucheta is one of the spear heads in Women in Data Science movement in India. She has organized very successful events in the past and provided a safe heaven for women data scientists in Pune.

-Meltem Ballan, Chief Data & Analytics Office (CDAO), General Motors

We are so glad that you were able to make the long journey to Stanford. Your creativity, drive, and determination definitely inspired us, as well as the other ambassadors in attendance.

Judy Logan, Stanford

It was such a pleasure to meet you and connect in person. Your creativity inspired me! And so many others. All the best for the remainder of your time in the Bay Area, and for a safe, smooth trip home.

Stanford, ICME Department

I really love the concept of mood barometer, after every session how is the audience’s mood is being captured. It is very engaging.  

Shweta Doshi,Co-Founder @GreyAtom, Data Giri

This is the first time I am seeing logo based model to describe how data should be created. It is fun to see how different data is there and  different lego output is created out of it and at the same time I am actually using it and finding some open questions like,”how do I actually  use which lego size, which lego place, whether there is some extra information that is supposed to be collected out of this, basically assuming or biasing my information as to what probably it might be used for. Its fun to get something out of this in my hands,nice!

Alka Mohite,Senior Manager, System Software @ NVIDIA

I haven’t seen the lego game before at any conference or event that I have attended.I love the line leading up to and that Sucheta gave which is:”We create data as we go along” which is pretty inspiring and interesting idea considering that this is a data science conference. And it is clearly seen in (the lego blocks)that people are excited and inspired. So ,I think it is a fantastic endorsement.

Vidya Duthaluru, Uber  

Lego mood barometer is tracking the mood of everyone who is present here, which is amazing I feel! This is inspiring us to attend the conference, and to have a good and positive attitude when we go inside. Great initiative taken by WIDS,I love it!

Sanika Kamtekar,Founder @IIIDS      

#wids2019 Pune....Thank you Sucheta Dhere and WiDS Pune team for inviting me to participate as a panelist for discussion on Data Science: A new raw material for businesses. Amazing experience sharing the stage with other Women DS experts from BSFI - Gunjan Gupta, Contracts management - Kalpa Ashhar Telecom - Monika Chourasia and other domains Alka Mohite along with the adept moderator Manjiri Gokhale Joshi.

Sanika Bhide

Thrilled to share my participation as a panelist at #WiDSPune2019 — an initiative by Stanford University and organized by Sucheta Dhere. The event had many keynotes and panel discussions related to the implementation of Data Science in various industry sectors. Got an opportunity to be a part of the Panel discussion — Data Science: A New Raw Material for businesses. It was an awesome experience to share the stage with other women experts in the data science field — Sanika Bhide Ph.D., Kalpa Ashhar, Gunjan Gupta, Alka Mohite, Manjiri Gokhale Joshi, Pooja Joshi. There were some very interesting discussions on Democratizing AI, Uses of AI in Live Cricket events & Media industry, etc.. which were very thought-provoking and gave invaluable insights into how data science is being used to maximize revenue, profits, social impact, entertainment to name a few outcomes. Overall a fantastic event that provided a truly enriching experience for all those looking for exposure to Data Science.

Monika Chourasia

Congrats to the entire team of WiDS. Fantastic conference and pre-events!  

Maithili Prabhu

Sucheta Great event! Cheers to the whole team!  

Sanika Bhide