WiDS Pune conference was a great experience! It was very professionally managed with excellent quality of speakers & topics touching everyone's life, and a very diverse set of audience could easily relate to. It had very engaging activities like use of lego tools with creative & innovative applications, that it never felt like it was the 1st ever WiDS Pune conference! It indeed inspired the audience in spirit to learn AI, ML & DS and highlighted a good balance of not only gender diversity but age, experience, roles and different sectors. It was highly inclusive event with great involvement from whole Pune eco-system! We will continue to support the cause and wish WiDS Pune team, a great success ahead!                     

Manisha Khadge (Director Icertis, APAC and MEA)

WiDS 2019 was very unique and well planned event. It had wonderful speaker line up and best part was there was representation from different types of industry, right from IT, Fashion, Media, Telecom, Banking. Chief guest was Rohini Srivathsa (Microsoft India CTO) who gave very meaningful insights. Live scribbling was another unique concept and very creative. Overall Saama is happy to be part of sponsors for WiDS 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Saama Technologies, Pune

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic conference organized by WiDS.This technical conference featured amazing leaders in data science & received a very impressive response. Presentations covered a wide range of topics. We were very happy to be part of the WiDS as one of the sponsors.As a sponsor, We would like to convey our sincerest admiration to the individuals responsible for conducting this event effectively.                                                                                                                                                                            

Entytle Pune

WiDS Pune 2019 was a very well organized event. Right from the entrance to the auditorium, the expereince was very good. There was very high energy levels around and organizers were in high spirits. The topics were very practical and panel shared real life experiences. The audience were very much engaged and there was lot of interaction and participation overall. Securly unconditionally supported the cause and appreciate the efforts taken by the organizers to promote the cause.                                                                                                                         


Innoplexus was one of the sponsors for the pre conference events for wids pune. Innoplexus's objective in sponsoring was to support the cause, to showcase their skills & expertise in the field of Data Science, and support the community in terms of gaining practical experience, including jobs and internships. Innoplexus observed and appreciated the increase in participation and connections post the event and it definitely helped improve Innoplexus's visibility & the work we are doing within the Pune Data Science community. We appreciate the work done by WiDS Pune in building the Data Science ecosystem and will continue to support wids community in all their initiatives. Best Wishes                                                         

 Gaurav Tripathi (CTO, Innoplexus)

We absolutely loved the initiative that WiDS supports. As an organization, we are driven towards empowering women in the technology industry.                                                                 


The WiDS Pune definitely allowed the folks from all the background to come together and connect at a wider platform. Given the fact the WiDS celebrates women, it definitely engaged a lot of female data enthusiasts. Thoughtworks was venue sponsor for 3 pre conference events for wids pune 2019.