Sucheta Congratulations for a super successful event. You and your leadership skills are extra ordinary. Hats off 🙇 ♀ Proud to see women power.

Leena Bora

My name is Somya Mathur. I am from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. I met you yesterday in the Conference. It was wonderful being part of it. I want to associate with Women in Data Science group. How can I be part of it?

Somya Mathur

Hey Sucheta It was a wonderful event today!! All arrangements were done really well. Everything was fantastic. Kudos to entire team!!😊

Prajakta Jagtap

Hello Sucheta ma'am... Congratulations on the successful event. We went around and also had a few interesting interactions!

MIT Design School

Hello Sucheta, Hope you are doing well. WiDS pune 2020 was a wonderful event organised. I visited first time and will in future will be also love to participate as a Speaker.  Actually I won award for best blogger , it will be appreciable if you could give me the snap taken by your photographer if possible ☺.. I want to give it as a memory with me 

Tanvi Thanekar 

Hi Sucheta mam, I had great opportunity to witness WIDS Pune conference on 29th Feb 2020. Yes it has motivated me. I want to learn Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Please can you guide to take right course and certification. 

Prafulla Desai-Kulkarni

It was a nice and informative event of WiDS Pune 2020.  

Sampada Deshmukh

Amazing to know the breadth of data science applications across almost all walks of life...

Diana Varghese

Good session start and detailed context setting...

Nikhil Yadav

Efforts taken appreciated.

Dr. M. S. Gambhire

Amazing lineup of speakers, and enjoying the session about Data Science & enthusiastic about upcoming sessions..

Vaibhav Ramkrushna Nimkale

Great lineup of speakers, very exciting demo sessions :)

Mansi Shinde

Amazingk kick startup by two of elite speakers about data and its importance Understanding their journey of data is too inspiring.

Aishwarya Gupta

Good talk on how PMC is using Data Science.

Vidya Bhandary

At track 2 learning actual application of data science.  

Vedant Kene

Amazing line up of speakers. 

Vartica Lal

  Very well structured flow of explanation during the sessions happened so far.

Anuj Howard

  Amazing speakers and program is well organized.  

Sonal Sandesh Patil

  Customer 360 nice session. 

Parag Pawar

  CRISP-DM methodology for Data Science in Manufacturing! 

Nidhi Thakkar

  Insighful & amazing contribution by women in the field of Data science evident by WiDS Pune. 

Anuj Howard

  Artificial intelligence & Machine learning for medical records healthcare solutions.  

Vaibhav Ramkrushna Nimkale

  All sessions were excellent and entire conference was well structured.

Sonal Sandesh Patil

  Really nice event.

Monali Tatte

  Very nice conference.  

Venkat Ghodke

  All sessions were really interesting. It would have been nice if starting and ending of each talk was could have been tracked in real time using this app.

Neha Rajendra Kachewar

Very informative and encouraging sessions by proud women in tech... Thank you WIDs pune for such an inspiring event.. Thank you everyone from organizing team, volunteers for great support and last but not the least thank you sucheta maam..looking forward to have more association with wids pune.

Varsha Bhosale

  Wonderful day. There is lot to learn and presenting in such big platform.  

Ujjwala Dilip Phadatare

  Thank you @Sucheta Madam for giving this opportunity of volunteering .... We are going back with good learning experiences and nice memories...  

Dhirraj Patil

  Thanks to @Sucheta Mam and the entire team for organizing such a wonderful event. It was a very informative!! and Great Learning from the Expert Speakers!👌👍 Sucheta Madam your efforts are commendable. Awesome program. best work by the teams.  

Rohini Mulay

Thanks to all the team of wids for giving us such a wonderful experience.  


As a beginner like me it’s a great platform to know about future technologies and i would thank sucheta mam and her team from bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work and eager to attend more events like these👍👍👏🙌


Thank you, Vidhi & Sarthak & team, for volunteering speaker's management team! It was a great support! Good job guys!!

Prajakta Joshi

Three cheers to all WiDS members for a fantastic event!!😊👍                 

Aparna Joshi

Really humongous efforts by Sucheta and teams!!

Sangeeta Lobo

Cheers to all !! It was wonderful event. Well managed.


I had joined the WiDS Pune conference. A great conference. Congratulations and thank you for organizing DS conference in Pune. Looking forward to many more. Thanks,

Preeti Dalal (Harpude)

Round of applause and kudos to @Sucheta and everyone!👏🏻Its not easy to organize event at such a large scale! I really liked the concepts in mobile app, polls, broadcasts, notes, questions, Chernoff Faces 👌🏻 A special thanks to @Sucheta for giving me the opportunity to write for WiDS Pune. To be honest I wasn't sure whether I could do predefined writing. You believed in me. Thank you for the push, WiDS 2020 will always be the starting point of my official creative writing journey🙂👍

Prerana Polekar

Loved the spirit and energy of hashtag#widspune and the variety of content at the conference . I got to talk about hashtag#customer360 and hashtag#customeranalytics and hashtag#marketinganalytics . And ( hopefully ) inspire the audience to learn from the advancements in hashtag#aiml in marketing . Thanks Sucheta Dhere and the entire team !! Women In Data Science Pune (WiDS Pune). It was great to hear you at hashtag#widspune. It was very lively and insightful talk! 

Supriya Aras

It was amazing to see the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning(CV, NLP, Neural Network, etc) in solving real time problems from various business domains.. Manufacturing, medicine, recruitment, municipal corporation, Banking, the list goes on. And the packed audience irrespective of gender is proof the topics carry. Thanks Sucheta Dhere and the entire WIDS Pune team for organising a great knowledge sharing event. Looking forward to next event.

Smita Ezhava

Thanks Sucheta and all WiDs Pune team. It was a great event and I am glad I was part of the event as a Speaker. 

Shipra Jain, SAP

Your session was really good.

Vinay Ashok Jirgale 

Who runs the world? Girls (and Data!) Inspiring, thought provoking talks on "AI for Social Good" at #WiDSPune2020 . One of the most technologically advanced conferences for Data lovers! 

Lulua Rakla

Dataful Saturday! My doodle notes of WiDS Pune 2020 conference.

Shivi C

Alone we can learn so little, Together we can learn so much #widspune.

Aman Garcha

Data science is also a creative way to look at data, and drive meaningful and useful information @novaclearning. 


#widspune .... It's a pleasure to attend.!! I have come from Delhi to attend. Thank you for being gender inclusive in letter and spirit. 

Trinetra Agarwal

#widspune ... We have just been told that the audience mood like them being tired, elated , happy, sad is being captured on a real time basis by cameras installed at COEP ..... Smile Amazing lineup of speakers. Should be a great day #widspune, WIDS Pune 2020 Data Science Conference

Partha Mandayam

Attending #widspune 2020 on the extra day of the year!bonus;) Learning Saturday Smiling face with smiling eyes. 


What a better way to use the extra day of the year Winking face with tongue. 

Prakhar Agrawal

I appreciate your support and thank you once again, for having me over@the WiDSPUNE-2020 Event as a Speaker! 

Leena Bokil, Nasa Space Educator

It was nice connecting with WiDS Pune 2020 conference yesterday.. I must say, the entire event was so well organized and insightful. I particularly liked the way you got the audience engaged in the event and Chernoff faces was quite interesting. Overall it was indeed a dataful event! 

Pradnya Baviskar

Thank you so much for giving me opportunity. Thank you for your confidence in me and your support for this Conference.


Dear Sucheta, It was a wonderful event and I enjoyed all interactions with you, the speakers and audience!

Dr Karnika Seth

A pleasure to support.

Shelley Thakral

I thank you profusely for the opportunity and for the way you defined my identity. It means a lot to me and my profession. You can direct anyone seeking guidance to me anytime, especially those who want to get into data-science or ML from entirely different background.


1. The arrangement at the conference was well planned.
2. Presence of volunteers at different locations made most of the jobs easy. For example, finding the location of different events going on in conference.
3. Arrangement of food and snacks was superb.
4. Faced some problem in scanning QR codes for the sessions. But that problem was again handled by volunteers really well.
5. Internet connectivity was good.
6. The thought of creating an app for handling different events is really innovative. Also, the app worked really well.
7. A speaker, the app made it really simple to actually answer queries personally that people had.
8. Also, having dry run/ mock really helped in gaining confidence to speak at booth.

Nazreen, Atreya

1. The response at the booth was really good. We took data for 79 people and showed reports based on nadi to all of them on the spot. 
2. Average time taken to collect data for single person was 14 minutes:
a. Google form filling: 4 minutes
b. Creating account on app: 2 minutes
c. Taking face & tongue photo in app: 2 minutes
d. Waiting for recording nadi: 3 minutes
e. Recording nadi: 3 minutes
3. The report was explained in detail by Ayurvedic doctor at our booth. We had two desks. 
4. At first, we asked users to fill in google form, then created their account in our app wherein tongue photo, face photo was taken as input. 
5. On the second desk, we recorded pulse signals using our Nadi Tarangini device.
6. Report generated based on nadi was explained by an ayurvedic doctor.
7. Diet based on tongue, nadi and face will be emailed to them by 5th March 2020.
8. Volunteers were of great help in the whole process.

Atreya Team

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke.
This is Data Science. Thanks for the wonderful experience. Hope to join more such meetsup in future

Rama Vedashree

Happy Morning started with WiDS Pune 2020 conference event. Thanks for giving opportunity to add on to my knowledge. Starting session to till this time of sessions are knowledgeable ...no ..doubt , but it also live experience about how different it is from WiDS 2019 ...it's highly knowable as well as conference sessions arranged are short and nice sessions.
Most thing I like WiDS 2020 conference is
1. Paperless work.
2. Notes online we can make it at same time.
3. Q n A mean, to raise doubt while listening to session ..we can submit, not only one but more than one Qs also.
4. Session break is also good with nice Quiz and Contests.
5. Due to internet connectivity not able to add in session logically.
This feedback should be make positive in next upcoming conference ..but it's not a huge problem ...

Sonali kulkarni

The conference was pretty good. While the time management suffered a bit, it was more than compensated by great quality talks. I was mostly in track 2, so those are the talks that I refer to. The ladies who managed the track, did a fantastic job at managing.
But overall I am happy. I wanted to have a pulse of what kind of applications people are working on, and that objective was met well.
Kudos to you for putting it at together.

Ashish Belagali

I attended the WiDS Pune 2020 conference. I liked the event. It was well structured and well managed. Volunteers were very helpful.
But one thing was very disappointing. Use of plastic spoons and plastic plates for lunch. In second session all we talked about killing forest and keeping environment safe using machine learning and data science.
Events like this should encourage people for not using plastic. May be you can think about it. All the best for future events.

Ankita Mote

Useful app, rammer sounds interesting for transcripts, mentoring for hackathon.

Prajakta Soman

Gr8 overview, Inspiring.

Welcome Note - Muzammil Inamdar

Sucheta Dhere, Pune Ambassador of Women in DataScience @ WiDS conference kick-starting an amazing learning experience for Data-science individuals.

Priyanka Tharayil

Amazed to know how data science is applied on tree-population ratio. This gives a hope that we will get some workable solutions and make a better city.

Jayashree Surekha

Good start with refreshing keynote for DS.

Veena Amrutkar

Innovation always leads and regulations follows.

Truptee Sohoni, Takeaway

Bhuvana communicated very well the need of synthetic data generation and why traditional techniques do not work well.

Rubina Khalil Sayyed

Intra day electricity consumption patterns are so different in different states of India. Who could have imagined?

Sonal Kothari

Ashwini Danigond: sitting in Kolhapur her company, Manorama Info solutions, does solid work in healthcare systems. Now forming a prestigious partnership with AllScripts, US. The story shows that the place does not matter if you have vision and ability to work hard.

Apurv Vidhate

Good session on how data science can help for our day to day decisions.

Vijay L. Talele

It was beautifully organized...only a long queue in the AI kiosks...which ppl managed too. Hats off to your wonderful team who managed this large scaled event.


We all belong to an era where our society worshiped the goddesses and the same society ill- treated women in all possible ways. We as women were known for 2 reasons back then. The one who takes up the responsibility for giving birth to the next generation and the another who will be the home maker for the family. We were far away from education, awareness, support and respect from the society.
Today we proudly stand up in the society. We have won the battle against discrimination and have achieved all our dreams. But in this journey towards our success we have never realized the difference that we have brought in the society. The amount of hard work we have put in. Attending WiDS Pune conference made me realize my value. It made me aware of what each woman is capable of. Next time, I feel a bit little lazy or I when I feel like giving up, I am going to be surely reminding myself that I am a woman and nothing is impossible.
It was an honour for me to be a part of this amazing eye opening and motivating session.
Thank you so much WiDS Pune. Thank you so much Sucheta mam for giving me this opportunity. Your guidance helped me a lot. You are always there to motivate me.
Will cherish the learning’s for life.

Mrinal Nagarkar

Great to see such deep engagement from the audience!

Geetha Manjunath

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this mega event! And it was an absolutely empowering experience for me!
Honestly, I had never before, attended such a unique Convention like this one, wherein everything was organized and managed by the women.
Kudos to SUCHETA DHERE -Convener of the Event, who, with her exemplary Leadership skills, efficiently executed this Convention! It's a mammoth task to identify and bring in Expert Speakers from all over the country, and overseas as well...
Moreover, it was a one-of-its-kind Seminar, that was conducted - by the Women, and for the Women...
All said and done, it was meticulously executed by the womenfolk! And as for me, I totally had an epic time, and enjoyed the Talks, as much as delivering a Presentation!

Leena Bokil, Nasa Space Educator

Sucheta, I am so mesmerised to see your impact in data science field and this novel leadership is proof of true strong force behind you.

Varsha Vibhandik

I have been a part of the WiDS Pune programme organised by you recently and I must say you are doing a commendable job.

Ruma Banerjee, Joint Director, C-DAC.

WiDS Pune is an outstanding platform for anyone interested in Data science. The events hosted are extremely informative and well managed.
Am very excited to be part of the WiDS community . I have seen the wide outreach and the impact of the programs. The speakers are provided great opportunities and are diverse in nature. I’ve learnt a lot from WiDS Pune about the different fields in data science.

Chitra Bharadwaj

My first attempt as speaker was highly supported by organizers. They gave me opportunity on such a large platform, despite no previous experience, shows how much they support all women in data science and appreciate hard work.
The scale on which event was organized was awesome. Co-ordination of event organizers, hard work of volunteers, the way audience were engaged, selection of women from different domains, all these has been amazing experience.
“All outstanding women coming together to celebrate data science women”. This is how I will describe event and thank organizers.

Manini Yadav, Measurement Science, BARC

I attended Track 2 as I wanted to understand applications of DS. The sessions were short and crisp. No usage of jargons and were easy to understand.

Archana Deshmukh

It was a really nice experience to engage as a speaker with WiDS. It was a well-organized event and seemed to have a good outreach. Participation from audience was good too.

Nandini Sahasrabuddhe