Why Participate

  1. Global Exposure via Stanford Association

  2. Establish a positive image of your organization by supporting the cause of Diversity and Inclusion

  3. Encourage in building a pipeline of Data Scientists in the city

  4. Showcase your organization's expertise in the Data Science field

  5. Be an aspiring brand in Data Science field for the community

  6. Educate and Inspire people in their Data Science Journey by sharing knowledge and experience

  7. Recognize outstanding women doing outstanding work in Data Science and foster female Role Models

  8. Directly connect, network and engage with the community at the ground level

  9. Opportunity to connect with India level and International level speakers in Data Science

  10. This event will inspire more women to build a career in tech and innovation which our economy needs more of.

  11. Inspire current women in tech to become future leaders & speakers by interacting with the current leaders.