WiDS Pune Story

We are into our 4th year and going strong, we started in Nov 2018 and have grown in various ways.

WiDS Pune is executed by Data Science enthusiasts & WiMLDS community in Pune and has a very open and transparent culture. I would like to highlight some uniqueness with which WiDS Pune is executed.

1) We are a very diverse team of volunteers in terms of age, gender, experience, skills coming together from varied backgrounds such as Academia, Industry, Government, Corporates and so on. Our youngest volunteer is 18 years old and our oldest volunteer is 60+ years old. We have mother-daughter, mother-son, husband-wife, siblings, father-son and in some cases entire family volunteering for the event and being present on the day of the event.

2) We have volunteers from all across the world and Maharashtra state, different cities within India and even outside India volunteering for WiDS Pune activities and tasks and helping us execute the project in various ways. I have closely worked with several volunteers whom I have never met at all. Many of them have played a critical role in making events successful. It’s amazing to see, that the world has come so closer!

3) WiDS Pune is a very inclusive community and we see people wearing different hats every year & experiencing WiDS Pune by playing different roles. 2019 Speakers turning into volunteers in year 2020, 2019 Volunteers turning up as 2020 Audience and 2020 Audience & 2019 Volunteers being featured as speakers in year 2021 and Mentors and so on! It’s amazing to see how they have developed, grown and progressed while being associated with WiDS Pune in last 3 years. Its nice to see their association with us and various roles they have played and supported the community.

4) All the conference work is done by volunteers, community members & collaborators such as website design, chat bots, graphics design, posters making, digital marketing, specific tools design, analysis, reports, automation, data and access management, email and other automation, content creation – films, videos, creative writing, blogging, certain proof of concepts like face recognition, AR-VR, conference apps and so on, thus investing their own resources such as time, laptops, internet bandwidth, call time and so on. It’s a significant investment to cut down the conference expenses and to make it affordable and accessible to all!

5) We advocate “Learning by Doing”, and use advanced methods of sharing knowledge such as gamification, Lego serious play, Live scribing, Mind Mapping, Real time app to interact with audience in real time. We use different data science techniques in executing data science conference such as Chernoff faces to give audience participation feedback, live transcript of the speaker’s talk, real time sentiment and emotion analysis of the participants using AI and ML and so on.

6) WiDS Pune has created several women leaders and speakers in last 3 years and inspired several to take up Data Science as a career and successfully transition into new roles. We feel very complete and accomplished when we see women with increased confidence, gaining identity like never before and experiencing great self-esteem after associating with WiDS Pune.

7) We shared amazing success stories of women successfully transitioning into data science role from a non-technical educational background such as Bachelor in Arts, Human resources & so on.

8) We work throughout the year and have created an eco-system to support all who are skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling in the field of the data science.

9) We are working with corporate eco system to understand the skill demand and develop specific capacity building programs, mentors’ programs to help aspirants reach to the next level in their journey. We also undertake data science projects and work on real data and problem and give internship opportunities to our community to get hands-on experience on industry projects. These initiatives have helped us work throughout the year as a community and data science is now a movement in Pune!

10) We also encourage people to adopt Data Science as a way of Life!

11) Our long-term goal is to create an amazing content on data science, simplifying the concepts, and make learning very easy, effective and fun.

12) Our vision is to work on Data Science Projects which has socio-economic impact. We want to pass the huge benefits of technology such as its ability to reach the masses very fast, scalability and amazing personalization and customization it can provide to every user in India.

13) Our mission to “take every along” & let technology serve as a boon to people who are left behind such as women, children, rural India, senior citizens, under privileged, orphans, physically challenged, and the deprived. We are working to see how technology can solve the problems of the minorities and give them a better standard of living.

14) We also promote go green initiatives through our conference by going paperless and using technology to replace traditional conference methods.

Come experience the Joy of Doing and the Joy of Giving with WiDS Pune!

Sucheta Dhere
WiDS Pune Ambassador